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qigong workshop
october 27-28, 2018

Come experience the transformative ancient Chinese practice of Qigong. For over 4,000 years, this breathing and meditative art has been practiced for its reported benefits of slowing aging, preventing illness, self-healing, and improving overall well-being. Research has also found evidence for a host of health benefits to the practice including reduced inflammation and improved immune function. Beginning to realize these benefits does not require elaborate or complex training routines and can be effectively taught in a matter of hours.


Go "Old/New School"

Total Body Conditioning "Old/New School" is a fitness class that's completely accessible to everyone. We crank-up music from the 80's to today's "Top 40" as we move through 30-45 second intervals of cardio mixed with bouts of weight training. There are options that will work for all fitness levels, so if you can walk up our stairs at Yoga Toka then you can do this class. Try something new; you'll feel like a rock star afterwards!



Unique Boutique

Yoga Toka’s in-studio boutique has a sense of style all its own. We offer high-end yoga mats and workout gear in addition to a carefully curated selection of fashionable fitness clothing. Come to class and, afterwards, pick-up a unique card and thoughtful gift for someone special without having to make an extra stop on your way home. We have a selection of handmade, semi-precious jewelry along with leading organic skincare & essential oil company Neal's Yard Remedies, and everything else you might need to create your own happy place outside of our studio.


Get Personal

Make an appointment for a one-on-one session with the instructor of your choice to focus on your individual needs and goals. Private instruction will deepen and expand your practice, whether you are looking to target certain body parts, want to focus on pain relief & stress reduction, or would like time to develop confidence before joining a group class. We create a comfortable, non-judgemental environment while providing expert guidance to help you achieve your fitness & wellness goals.



Meet Blake

Blake has studied Taiji and Qigong for over 20 years. He is fully endorsed to teach all aspects of the arts by his teacher, a formally recognized Qigong Master vetted by the former Minister of Sport in Beijing. Blake has led his own classes and seminars around the mid-Atlantic region since 2004. Through this experience, he has honed his methods to deliver the deeper benefits of Taiji and Qigong to people of all experience levels and walks of life. Having enhanced his life in many ways through these arts, he endeavors to bring that transformational experience to others.


Join Our Community

Yoga Toka is more than just a bright, beautiful space in which to practice yoga and fitness. We are a community of caring people who connect positively with each other. We offer an inclusive, judgment-free environment where you will benefit from unique "extras" like essential oils and hot stone therapy in addition to having your goals heard and supported.