Aerial Yoga

This is our most fun and empowering workout! You will feel deeper stretches, spinal alignment with hanging inversions, and surprise yourself with a challenging workout. This class is a huge hit. You must reserve your space and there is usually a wait list!

Aerial Yoga Restorative

This is our gentle and therapeutic version of aerial yoga. The extra support of a silk hammock allows the body to completely soften, surrender, and invert effortlessly. Like classical restorative yoga, this class balances the elements of a slow-paced asana flow, pranayama, and powerful guided visualization enhancing awareness of the internal sensations present in the body. However, a levitated yoga practice reaches muscle groups that cannot be accessed on the mat, providing a deeper dimension into organic exploration in each pose while enhancing stretches and twists. Practicing while levitated also calms the nervous system and boosts the immune system.

Align & Flow Yoga

Journey into the rhythm of your soul. All levels come together to practice collectively yet at our own individual levels with modifications and amplifications for everyone.  Explore beyond asana into awareness. Learn to expand that space you feel on the mat into every aspect of your life off of it.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga literally means “eight-limbs” and by practicing each of the limbs all the impurities in the body and mind are destroyed. Ashtanga is perfectionistic, with routine and strict guidelines. Ashtanga has the same sequence every time. The asana technique is known for being rigorous and energetic. There are six series of asanas with each series comprising a set sequence of poses to be followed exactly. Ashtanga yoga brings the body and mind to a state of peace and stability that ultimately leads to greater spiritual awareness and liberation.


If you want to calm and balance your body and mind, this is where you’ll find your Zen. Yin yoga poses are held for 3 -5 minutes at a time. This meditative practice is designed to target your deeper connective tissues or fascia, restoring length and elasticity. We’ll use props, so your body can release into the posture instead of actively flexing or engaging the muscles. Like meditation, it may make you feel antsy at first, but stick with it for a few classes and its restorative powers might have you hooked. People who need to stretch and unwind will enjoy Yin yoga.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. Vinyasa classes offer a variety of postures and no two classes are ever alike. Vinyasa ends where it begins. We start in a posture, such as Tadasana, travel through a myriad of options and come back to Tadasana. If we listen, and pay close attention, the experience changes us. In Vinyasa we move from child’s pose (Balasana) to corpse pose (Savasana) and experience an entire lifetime. Vinyasa serves as the metaphor for our own life, as we move from one situation to the next. For anyone looking for an uplifting, enlightening, dynamic flow experience.

Gentle Flow

Gentle Yoga uses the flow between poses to cultivate physical and emotional openings. It helps maintain flexibility and strength to prevent falls or fractures. Lung capacity is improved with yoga breathing exercises, and arthritis pain is reduced by gentle stretching.Moving through this gentle flow will allow students a chance to open their bodies and understand what is happening in their body, through movement.

Sunrise Yoga

This class will flow slowly through sun salutations and postures designed to build internal heat slowly and gently. Meditation and Pranaymana (breath work) techniques are taught to promote relaxation. Class concludes with yoga postures which settle the body and mind.

Mindfulness Flow Yoga

In this hour long class you’ll play with the balance of Yin & Yang; you’ll move through a creative, steady flow with mindful transitions that will make you feel powerful & finish with a couple of longer held postures to help you feel rejuvenated.


Indulge in restoration. Our Restorative class is specifically designed to refresh and rejuvenate every aspect of your being. Your instructor will guide you into reclined postures and assist you with the support of blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows for a truly magical, mini-retreat-like experience
and handstand, and arm balances, such as crow pose. Students should be very comfortable in Level 1

Every Body’s Yoga

Want to give yourself a gift? Do Gentle Yoga.  Gentle yoga is the best kept secret of all yoga studios. You will move at a slow, steady pace making this class highly effective for any body type, body size, or personal pace.   Yoga postures (Asanas) are floor based using seated & reclined asanas and a few standing poses as the basis of every routine. If chairs are needed by some participants, they can easily be incorporated into any class.  Savasana (the relaxation phase) is guaranteed to be at least 10 minutes of the practice in order to bring the body to its ultimate goal: to completely relax and to let go of “stuff”, therefore reducing anxiety and stress (cortisol) levels.  Gentle yoga is not synonymous with “easy” yoga; it is simply a really good way for all body types to effectively experience the Asanas with modifications wherever necessary. Your body knows what to do. Trust it.

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is an effective practice for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness. It combines restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle yoga, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided meditation techniques Therapeutic Yoga provides the opportunity to step away from the busy-ness of the outside world and access the deeper wisdom that resides within us.

Lunch Time Yoga All levels

This class is designed simply to reconnect you to your breath, clear your mind and reenergize you. Try this instead of a cup of coffee or sugar if you need a little brain break. Hit pause on the obligations of your day and step onto your mat for this short midday reset. This class will loosen up your whole body and give you a chance to feel more and think less.

Mommy & Me Yoga

You’ll help your baby perform simple stretches with playful music and some simple props thrown into the mix to engage and stimulate the minds of your little yogi. Helps ease new parent jitters. Helps increase mobility and independence with your baby. This class allows babies to see how others will react to their behaviors which is critical for social development. Mommy and Me classes usually involve physical movement of some sort. This helps children realize at a very young age that exercise is important for healthy development. These classes also help parents stay active during a time when getting to the gym can be difficult. Allows parents to meet other parents. It allows you to learn from others as well as make new friends. It helps create a support system and validate some feelings of stress you may be experiencing. Besides getting you out of the house and meeting new people, it also gets you up and physically active which helps release endorphins. This chemical helps improve mood. This is especially important for those that experience symptoms of postpartum depression. Strengthens the Parent/Child Bond.

Aerial Kids & Teen Yoga

Uplift the kid or teen in your world with a class that will take their mind and body to new heights! Is your child a climber or a ball of energy? Allow them to put their creative energy to good use at an aerial yoga for kids’ class at Yoga Toka. Aerial yoga features the use of silks suspended from the ceiling to give your child the feeling of safe & weightless flight. Participation in an aerial yoga class has many benefits for children of all ages, from the development of social skills to neurological & developmental benefits.
Class curriculum is especially beneficial for students that want to learn more about yoga or mindfulness, improve attention, strengthen motor coordination, improve sensory processing, stress-management, and most importantly, have FUN!

Kids Yoga

Fun and interactive yoga classes designed to promote joy in movement, physical explorations, self-expression, and self-confidence. Each week’s class focus on a different theme encouraging students to use their imagination and visualization. Every yoga class incorporates yoga poses, stories, games, songs, movement, and stretching to support the development of strength, flexibility, balance, and social competence. During yoga classes, kids also learn math, reading, science, nature, and much more. Our yoga program helps children develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, and empathy and it nurtures teamwork as well as leadership.

Teen Yoga

An excellent way to help your child deal with the overwhelming emotional and physical changes that she goes through during adolescence. Teenagers who practice yoga are less stressed and perform better than their counterparts in academics. Teenagers often have a poor body image and are ever trying to change their appearance to fit in. Yoga promotes self-awareness and acceptance, which helps teenagers overcome poor self-image. Teenagers carry heavy backpacks often have a ‘hunched over’ posture when they sit or stand. Yoga poses help you maintain an upright posture, which strengthens the spine. The breathing exercises in yoga improve concentration. Yoga teaches teen how to use their breath to stay focused on the task at hand.

Adapted Yoga for Individuals with Special Needs

Individuals with special needs and any disabilities learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, color therapy, self-massage, positive self-talk therapy, and mindful relaxation techniques in safe, empowering, and joyful environment free of judgment and expectations. In-depth guidance and modifications for all poses to enhance flexibility, posture, and strength with the goal of giving every individual the venue to experience the deeper meaning of yoga practices while empowering participants to love themselves unconditionally for who they really Participants are encouraged to have a caregiver but not required.