Anastasia Martynova

Owner / Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Anastasia has an extensive experience in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, dance, and fitness. Anastasia is a conscious artist, writer, choreographer, kids yoga instructor, special needs kids yoga instructor, adults yoga instructor, post traumatic stress disorder yoga instructor, hypnotherapist. She is a dedicated yoga instructor and recognized for her powerful practice, intuitive understanding of the body, mind, and spirit and her creative, and engaging teaching style. She believes that yoga is a journey to recalibrate the biomechanics of the body, release tension through movement, increase strength, flexibility, and balance while harmonizing the body, mind and spirit through the breath, postures, relaxation, and meditation. Anastasia draws from her immense background to uniquely weave together yoga, mindfulness, breath, and relaxation and make it interactive learning experience. Anastasia works with kids, youth, adults, and seniors and eager to teach them artistic way of living! She has been passionate about yoga since early childhood and has continued self-study and study with dedicated teachers. She was doing yoga naturally as a heart beat or sunrise each morning and she taught her first lotus pose to mother and sister at age of 3. Anastasia loves to spend quality time with nature and lives from the heart! Every day, she puts all her effort and love into self-mastery and guiding children and their wonderful parents, as well as educators. 


Gene Amel Martynova

Owner/ Sound Healing Instructor

A life-long scholar of the healing arts and sciences, Gene Amel harnesses her passion for healthy living by consistently striving to expand vital skills in a wide range of related fields. As an Intuitive Life Guide, Sound Healing Therapist, Herbalist  she has helped adults and children with special needs in their unique journeys of healing.  She is a certified Energy Healing Practitioner through the Energy ALIVE® healing modality, USUI REIKI SYSTEM of NATURAL HEALING; and a certified Quantum-Touch healer. As a life coach, she is specializing in helping individuals of all ages to explore the issues causing you stress, health problems, and imbalance in various areas of your life. Gene Amel integrates sound healing therapy with mind body, meditative, energy approaches, tapping therapy, and relaxation. “I am here to help you to achieve your personal goals and find your personal purpose by guiding you on your unique path”


Sonya Melescu

Yoga Instructor

Sonya is an RYT-200 certified yoga teacher. She studied meditation in Dharamsala, India, home of the Dalai Lama, and practices daily. Yoga has been an important part of Sonya’s life for several decades, she loves sharing her Yoga experiences to help others physically and emotionally, the practice of Yoga helps to develop physical and emotional balance. Sonya taught Yoga in the Virgin Islands and introduced Yoga to people in Rwanda and eastern Congo.  In 2011 Sonya was named an Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation for her dedication to humanitarian work for women and children in war-torn eastern Congo and neighboring Rwanda, as well as in Haiti, Guatemala, Thailand, and India.


Cathy Valentine

Yoga Instructor

Cathy is a 200 hour certified Yogni with over 15 years of teaching experience. Her style has often been referred to as a mix of skill and spirit as each of her classes combines the physical challenge of Yoga asanas with a spiritual undertone, creating what has been referred to as an "alluring" experience. Her love of Eastern philosophy, spirituality and understanding of anatomy are all weaved skillfully into her teachings. Her approach to teaching is "user friendly and hands on" which allows for both, the very beginner and the more advanced student, to be challenged. By combining these skills with the ancient teachings of Yoga, Cathy's goal is to encourage her students to find insight and answers to life's deeper questions, creating transformation and liberation.  


Victoria Gravini

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been a part of her life since childhood and she began teaching over 10 years ago. Her practice helps her manage stress and pain through mindfulness and body awareness. Yoga has taught her to breathe, leg go, and live in the moment. Victoria completed her first 200 hour training through YogaSteps, a Hatha-based practice. She went on to get another 300 hours in Yapana for an Iyenger-based restorative practice. Her next 100 hours will be in Yin. Victoria loves being a life-long learner and she is thankful for the instructors who have shared their wisdom with her. Victoria is also a Master Reiki practitioner, nutritionist, and health coach with an MS in Nutrition and Wellness and she is in a PhD program for Health Psychology. Victoria loves to bring her knowledge of anatomy, energy, and the mind to all classes to help students step off the mat feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Roxane Carter

Yoga Instructor

Roxanne is a certified 200 hours yoga instructor, inviting spirit and welcomes all who join her for practice.  She incorporates a combination of fun, balance and peace into all her classes.  She has battled with anxieties, depression and chronic pain throughout her life, but through yoga, she discovered the missing and essential part of her healing process. Roxanne wants to show others who may be dealing with chronic physical and emotional pain how yoga can transform bodies and help find their personal truth.  Roxanne is a service-related disabled veteran and military spouse who enjoys spending time with her family and rescue dogs parrots.

jorge .jpg

Jorge A. Bañales

Tai Chi/Gong Instructor

Jorge A. Bañales has been a Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor for more than 16 years.  He graduated in 2000  from the Eastern Internal Arts Institute in Fairfax, VA under the direction of Jenny Lamb.  Jorge has also provided Tai Chi instruction at the Veterans Hospital in Washington, DC to wounded vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.


Yomna Kamel

Zumba/ Pound Fit Instructor

My name is Yomna. Call me Yommy! I am a licensed Zumba,Zumba Kidsand Pound FitInstructor. My energy and innovation will keep your sweat on its toes while you have fun and enjoy your me time every single time you class. Growing up in a diverse culture, I infuse my classes with different beats from around the world splashing it with my focused vibes to push your body to different boundaries. As a little girl, I grew up loving dance and always gathered my friends for friendly parties to show off new dancing moves. Teaching dance fitness based programs for the past 3 years has changed my life and gave me the best opportunities to connect with fantastic people. My promise to you … fun, fun, and fun. See you soon! 


Candace Williams

Essentrics ® Fitness instructor

Candace is a certified Essentrics ® fitness instructor. Candace says she was drawn to this dynamic, unique exercise program for its emphasis on strengthening while stretching the muscles. Candace says that in just a few months, she has seen a noticeable improvement in her overall strength and flexibility, two must have traits that serve her well as a dance athlete. Candace has been entering dance competitions since 2013 and won her first contest in 2017. She says dance and Essentrics® complement each other as both incorporate strength, flexibility and balance while requiring focus and body awareness.


Barbara Joann Eckman

Meditation Instructor

Barbara is a certified Meditation instructor. She was born number 9 of 11 children. Having had my hand in the raising of 6 boys, four in which I gave birth to. I was dragging depression around with me for many years before I discovered the power of Meditation. It literally has been a life saving tool for me. After intensive Meditation training through Sura Center And learning different modalities of meditation I am honored to share the ease and flow that meditation brings. And with it a power to help you changes the trajectory of your life. Please join me in Meditation and find your sense of ease.