Yoga is an extremely popular and well-known activity for adults around the world, but not many of us have really ever considered yoga to be an activity for our children. Here at Yoga Toka in Alexandria, VA we see the amazing benefits of kids yoga every single day!

Yes. For real! Yoga for kids is something completely healthy for their mind and body and can be a fun activity for them as well. Plus, you and your little one can do yoga together, a bonding experience that is more and more difficult to find these days.

Still don’t believe us? That’s OK, we’ll run down some reasons why we’re not full of it. We’ve put together seven amazing benefits to yoga for kids, so read on and see what we’re talking about. We’re confident you’ll be so convinced, that you’ll want to sign your kids up for yoga sessions today!

  1. Non-Competitive

While some healthy competition is good for our kids, not everything in life needs to have winners and losers. Being the best and achieving at exceptional levels also takes comfort in yourself and working with others. Yoga shows children that they are unique and that’s fine because there is no way to be worse at yoga than anybody else. Some things are done just for fun and enjoyment.

  1. Teaches Self-Acceptance

Yoga is about peace in the body and mind. Accepting yourself and your body are critical to proper yoga and its important for our kids to see that just because they aren’t the same as some of their friends or what they see online doesn’t make them inferior or weird. Yoga teaches them to love themselves and provides the tools to fight self-doubt.

  1. Instills Tolerance

Yoga is an activity for any person from every walk of life. They will encounter people and kids just like them and some that they’ve never seen or talked to before. Through yoga, they see the value in all people and cultures and learn to cherish and respect what makes us all different. This leads to peaceful, healthy communities.

  1. Encourages Healthy Habits

Yoga takes physical fitness and health. Some come with this already and others use yoga to gain better health and fitness. Yoga helps your kids develop healthy habits through flexibility and consistency, as well as eating healthy.

  1. Practices Focus

Never before has it been so easy to become distracted — especially for our children. Yoga teaches them to focus on the moment and what’s right in front of them. They need to concentrate, breathe and find calmness. This skill can transition to other settings such as the classroom.

  1. They Learn Self-Awareness

By constantly moving their bodies and mastering poses, they learn to control their bodies and find an awareness of their surroundings. They see what their bodies are capable of and achieve a level of mental and spiritual awareness to help them succeed in any endeavor.

  1. Supports Positive Mental Health

All of these amazing benefits tie together and encourages overall positive mental health. Loving yourself, accepting others and seeing the world through a calm perspective leads to a happy, fulfilling life. They can deal with any challenge!

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There you have it! See, we were serious. Yoda for kids is an absolutely positive and healthy activity for kids of any age. Many of the lessons they’ll learn here with us will carry on with them for the rest of their lives. Contact us today and begin after-school programs for your kids!