I love this yoga studio. I make time to take 3-4 classes per week [and] I have made noticable improvements in my flexibility and stamina in just 6 weeks.
— Lynnette Fishburn, Virginia

My fitness was never better than when I was attending yoga classes with Kathryn. The flow of her yoga was a perfect balance of fitness and stress relief.
— Myra Oksness, Mozambique

Love the private lessons for my daughter! Sonia has been so calm and patient and my daughter has loved it.
— Deanne McNulty, Virginia

Kathryn is an experienced yoga instructor and was able to convert me from a skeptic to a believer! I became more flexible and added strength to my core, both great outcomes!
— Christine Deal, Germany

Absolutely LOVE YogaToka! Amazing classes & cool vibe to the studio. The owner Kathryn has the most positive energy and has created a yoga/fitness oasis in Alexandria’s vibrant and evolving West End.
— Hadley Kimberlin, Virginia

I started yoga with Kathryn...as a way to strengthen multiple sports injuries. Not only did I build incredible strength from Kathryn’s classes but I absolutely fell in love with yoga.
— Story Da Silva, Mozambique

She really inspired me to intensify my practice and as a result of her guidance, I really progressed not only in my ability to reach more advanced poses but also deepened my ability to reduce my stress through yoga.
— Jason Trizna, Germany

Kathryn helped me with my fear and, through her patience and compassion, she guided me so that I could master with courage and effort certain asanas.
— Milagros Teran, Mozambique