Because there are so many benefits of yoga for you to miss out!


When it comes to yoga, you’re likely to have an opinion! Either you think yoga is amazing and has transformed your health, or you find it a bit odd and leave the practice up for hippies and yuppies to get behind! If you’ve made it this far and haven’t tried yoga or perhaps want to commit to hitting your mat regularly, we’re here for you!


At Yoga Toka in Alexandria, we’re a beautiful yoga studio that is inclusive to all — we offer beginner yoga classes to those who want to learn more, and have yoga classes for all ages — from senior yoga classes to kids yoga — come one, come all! Join us in today’s post as we entice you to try yoga once and for all!


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It’s That Time To Give Yoga a Try!


Yoga is a magical practice because it’s not exclusive — it doesn’t care what you wear, how flexible you are, or what green juice you had for breakfast — what it values is that you show up to your mat regularly! When you commit to yoga, there is health abundance to be had! Let’s explore why yoga is for you!


Yoga supports your whole body.


With so many exercise options out there, yoga has proved that it is a staple in our wellness. It’s been around for thousands of years, and research has even caught up to this age-old eastern practice and supports its benefits.


How does yoga support your body? Let’s dive a little deeper!


Yoga improves flexibility – Because many of us spend our days sitting, our bodies can get a little crunchy. The more we sit, especially with incorrect posture, the more our muscles shorten and our joints and ligaments suffer from aches and pains.


Yoga does a beautiful job of loosening and unwinding our bodies that are so tight. It starts with improving our posture and gradually our tight hamstrings feel better and our lower back pain lessens. It may not be in a day, but if you stay consistent with your practice, your flexibility will improve!


Yoga builds muscle – Yoga builds muscle in all the right places! As you begin to hold postures longer and increase your yoga repertoire, this helps to build muscle to protect us. Muscles in your lower back and abs are stronger and can help prevent slips and falls, and even from muscle strain.

Yoga supports your joints and cartilage – When you go through a yoga sequence, your body goes through a full range of motion. This motion not only keeps you flexible, but it helps keep your joints lubricated. Think of your cartilage like a sponge, when it is squeezed out it needs new nutrients to be soaked up, and yoga helps keep this balanced.   


Yoga supports bone health – Research has shown that because yoga is a weight-bearing exercise, it improves your bone health and prevent osteoporosis. The best poses to try? Upward and downward facing dog for those vulnerable to arm fractures. It is also thought that because yoga may help reduce cortisol levels, as a result, calcium levels remain in the bones.


Yoga gets things moving – One of the most overlooked, but hugely important factors when it comes to wellness, is circulation. Not only do you need your blood to move around and oxygenate, but you also need the lymph fluid to move to flush toxins. And, as you might guess, yoga is the gold standard in whole-body circulation! Whether you’re doing inverted poses or twists, blood and lymph get moving to improve your health.


Can you believe we’re just getting started? There are so many benefits of yoga that we’ll have to continue this conversation in another post, so stay tuned for part two!


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